Vysokopillia in Kherson region 80% destroyed

The liberated village of Vysokopillia in the Kherson region has been 80% destroyed.

Yaroslav Yanushevych, the head of the Kherson regional military administration, said this on Facebook, Ukrinform reports.

“Today I visited Vysokopillia and spoke with local residents. The stories of the people and the destruction left by the enemy are terrifying. The village has been 80% destroyed. Now 270 residents remain here. We handed people food, humanitarian aid and building materials for the reconstruction of housing,” he wrote.

The humanitarian situation, as in the rest of the liberated settlements, remains critical and is complicated by shelling. This does not allow restoring electricity and water supply or resuming the operations of hospitals, pharmacies and shops, Yanushevych said.

Therefore, the authorities are now doing everything to evacuate as many people as possible before winter and, if possible, to restore electricity, water and heating.

“Where it is impossible to do this, we will solve the issue of providing people with cast iron stoves, firewood and coal,” he said.

Source: Vysokopillia in Kherson region 80% destroyed

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