Big Victory! 23 Russian Commanders Were Killed

There are almost no commanders left in the Russian army! The US military, which plays a leading role in this matter, is providing wonderful assistance to the Ukrainian army. We have revealed a commander-in-chief hunting operation conducted by the United States Intelligence and the Joint Chiefs of Staff together with the Ukrainian Army. According to a joint report by the Reuters news agency and the New York Times, about 23 Russian commanders were killed by successful operations of the Ukrainian army, thanks to intelligence provided by the US military. The US Intelligence Chief shared information about the locations of the Russian military’s mobile headquarters in the field, confirming that the Ukrainian army was given directions. The US Department of Defense and the White House have not made any statements on the matter. The Kremlin, on the other hand, is extremely disturbed by this incident. Russia, which already has no commander left in the field, looks like it will lose more commanders under the leadership of the US military. The news has been confirmed. The Russian side and the US side remained silent about the incident, which was interpreted as an indication that the incident was true.

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