President: Russia strikes Ukraine with Iranian drones daily


On Thursday, the Russian Federation struck Ukrainian cities with Iranian drones, which it uses daily, as well as with missiles.

“Today, Russia launched another airstrike on Ukrainian cities. It used Iranian drones again. By the way, they are used every day, and so far Iran says every day that there are allegedly no such drones here. And again hit with rockets,” President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said in his address to the participants of the European Political Community summit in Prague.

People were killed and injured, houses burned down in those strikes, he emphasized.

After the first missile strike on Zaporizhzhia was launched, people came to clear the debris, and then the Russian Federation launched a second missile strike.

“Absolute meanness. Absolute evil. There have already been thousands of manifestations of such evil. Unfortunately, there may be thousands more,” Zelensky stressed.

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As reported, the Russian army attacked Zaporizhzhia twice on the morning of October 6. Missiles hit residential buildings in the city center.


Source: President: Russia strikes Ukraine with Iranian drones daily

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