Slovenia transferred 28 M-55S tanks to Ukraine

The Ministry of Defense of Slovenia confirmed that the tanks, for the provision of which an agreement was concluded with Germany, were successfully transferred to Ukraine. These tanks were in the reserve of the Slovenian army, and now they will strengthen the defense of Ukraine.

This is reported by European Pravda with reference to the publication 24UR

Slovenia handed over tanks to Ukraine as part of an agreement between Prime Minister Robert Golob and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Slovenia promised Ukraine 28 M-55S tanks, in exchange for equipment from Germany – 35 heavy truck loaders 8×8 and five heavy water tanks 8×8 to form a medium battalion group.

This is the second significant batch of Slovenian military support to Ukraine. In July, Slovenia sent 35 BVP M80A amphibious armored personnel carriers to Ukraine.

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