Fiala reiterates to Zelensky Czech Republic’s continued military aid to Ukraine


During the meeting in Brussels, the head of the Czech government, Petr Fiala, assured President Volodymyr Zelensky of readiness to pursue military assistance to Ukraine.

This was reported by Radio Prague International, according to Ukrinform.

Fiala emphasized that the Czech Republic is ready to continue providing both defense aid and electricity sources, as well as helping restore the country’s energy infrastructure Russia is systematically destroying.

Fiala noted that other points of the negotiations included Ukraine’s post-war recovery and support for the country’s accession to the European Union.

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“The door to the European Union is open, and Ukraine is taking vigorous steps in this direction,” Fiala emphasized. He highly appreciated the progress in amending the legislation, which Kyiv made despite the war. “It is in our interests that we help Ukraine walk this path,” the Czech Prime Minister added, at the same time pointing out that there are clear rules for joining the EU, the implementation of which requires a certain amount of time.

“For the state to be able to function at all, so that it has a chance to survive, systematic financial support is required,” Fiala said, adding that the EU decided to allocate regular subsidies to Ukraine, including thanks to the Czech Republic, which at the time chaired the EU Council.

The Prime Minister reported that Zelensky at the meeting in Brussels briefed European leaders on the situation at the front. The Ukrainian delegation handed over to each of the partner countries a list of weapons the army needs, a diplomatic source told the ČTK agency. According to the source, the Czech Republic can provide approximately half of the weapons listed.

It is reported that Zelensky asked Slovakia to hand over fighter jets. Slovakia’s prime minister said the country would do everything to send Ukraine MiG-29 fighters.

Suggestions about the possibility of MiGs being transferred to Ukraine emerged as early as last spring. Now the Ukrainian president has officially appealed to the Slovak side with a request to provide fighter jets. PM Eduard Heger assured him that the Slovak government is interested in concluding as soon as possible the negotiations on the terms of the transfer.

“Aid to Ukraine is in the interests of Slovakia and security in Europe. We accept the request and will work on it,” he said.

Slovaks have 12 MiG-29 fighters in service. Media reports say only a few of them are operational, so the rest can be used for spare parts. Now the Slovak army is awaiting the delivery of F-16s to replace the MiGs. At the moment, Slovakia’s airspace of Slovakia is guarded by regular pairs of fighter jets from Poland and the Czech Republic.

Photo: Government of the Czech Republic

Source: Fiala reiterates to Zelensky Czech Republic’s continued military aid to Ukraine

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