Invaders trying to penetrate Ukraine’s defenses near Kreminna


The Russian forces are attempting to push through the Ukrainian defenses in the Kreminna direction and actively employing armored vehicles and infantry in the Svatove direction.

That’s according to Serhii Haidai, Head of the Luhansk regional Military Administration, who spoke at the national telethon, Ukrinform reports.

“Today, the most difficult situation is in the Kreminna direction. This is where the number of attacks and strikes is the largest as the Russians are trying to find a spot to penetrate our defenses. The situation is also tense in the Svatove direction but our positions are more stable there and we destroy Russian heavy equipment every day. Recently, our men burned three IFVs in one evening,” Haidai noted.

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According to the official, constant shelling is observed in all directions. However, enemy tactics vary depending on terrain peculiarities. In the Svatove direction, the Russians drive armored vehicles ahead of their infantry. The vehicles are trying to get as close as possible to the Ukrainian positions so that the infantry can engage Ukraine’s positions under their cover. On the other hand, the wooded area near Kreminna does not allow such a tactic to be applied.

Haidai added that the situation remains difficult in all directions, although it is “fully controlled” by the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

As reported by the General Staff, Ukraine’s Defense Forces from February 24, 2022 to February 19, 2023 eliminated 142,860, including 590 in the past day alone.

Source: Invaders trying to penetrate Ukraine’s defenses near Kreminna

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