Ukrainians paying “highest price” in war on European soil – Borrell


Ukrainians are paying the highest price in the war unleashed by Russia on the European continent, which affects the existential interests of European security.

This was stated by EU High Representative Josep Borrell today during a speech at the Munich Security Conference, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“Our security is being challenged by the (Russian) war in Ukraine. (…) This is an existential challenge for Europe,” Borrell said, adding that there no time for rhetoric. “Zelensky and the Ukrainians have a lot of applause, but not enough ammunition. That’s the paradox. There should be less applause and better arms supplies,” Borrell said.

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“Ukrainians are fighting, paying the highest price in terms of lives. But this war is happening on European soil, affects us, and has a global impact around the world, which also affects our security,” added the high representative of the EU.

He noted that the EU is currently facing three global challenges. The first is the reliability of the EU as a global player, the so-called concept of geopolitical Europe. The second is the reliability of the EU as a security and defense provider, and the third is interaction with the countries of the Global South, which must understand the circumstances of what is happening in Ukraine.

As reported, today, February 19, the meeting of the leading politicians of Europe and the world continues in Germany as part of the Munich Security Conference, which is dedicated to the most urgent issues of European and world security.

Source: Ukrainians paying “highest price” in war on European soil - Borrell

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