All about Russian disinformation

“Russian influence and disinformation – methods of counteraction” Institute for democracy and development “PolitA” invites you to a discussion on the impact of Russian aggression and disinformation and how to counter it. One of the fronts of the war is information warfare. Russia actively conducts a propaganda campaign inside the country, introducing false values and principles to its citizens for decades, substituting concepts. But it also directly and indirectly influences the information agenda of the day in the European Union. There were documented cases of active use of trolls and disinformation during the US elections, but what is the essence of this work, what methods are used by Russian agents, will be discussed with experts from Ukraine, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, as well as Russians who had to leave the country because of their position work. Topics of discussion: – what is disinformation? – methods of disinformation and fake news – examples and illustrations – Russian messages before and after the war – “Information matrix”, archetypes of leadership in Russia, history of the authoritarian regime – information campaign for now – methods of information hygiene and prevention Iryna Kopanytsia Participants:

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