Estonia’s aid to Ukraine over 1% of GDP – Defense Minister Pevkur


Estonians perfectly remember the times of Russian occupation, so they have no illusions about Moscow’s actions. In the conditions of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Estonia’s military support contributes to the strengthening of Ukraine’s defense capabilities in countering Russian aggression.

That’s according to Estonia’s Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur, who spoke in an exclusive interview with ArmyInform, seen by Ukrinform.

“We all understand that we have to continue to help Ukraine in whatever way we can. Time is definitely of the essence. We have no other options because we want Ukraine to win this war, so we have to help it,” the government official said, according to the report posted in Ukrainian.

“This aid that we have sent to Ukraine is more than 1% of our GDP, which is the top figure in the world in this regard. That is why I believe that all other countries can also do more,” added the Estonian official.

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“Of course, no one wanted to see that in the 21st century there would be such a war in Europe as we’re seeing now. We have the main goal: firstly, to help Ukraine, and secondly, to learn all the lessons we have already learned.

We appreciate this cooperation with the Armed Forces and Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

“Now this cooperation also has taken up the format of an agreement on cooperation in the defense sector. On the other hand, we are taking practical lessons from the Ukrainian battlefield,” the Estonian minister said.

In May, the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine for Digital Development, Digital Transformation and Digitalization Oleh Haiduk visited Estonia where he discussed with his Estonian counterparts the issues of cyber cooperation, the minister recalled.

“In the cyber domain, we will do more together in the future. Not only bilateral cooperation is foreseen, but also support of Ukraine in international organizations, the EU and NATO,” Pevkur noted.

As reported earlier, Estonia has already allocated UAH 16 million for the restoration of the bridge damaged by a Russian airstrike in Malyn, Zhytomyr region.

Source: Estonia’s aid to Ukraine over 1% of GDP - Defense Minister Pevkur

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