Russia keeps two missile carriers in Black Sea, volley of 12 ‘Kalibr’ missiles


Russian troops are on combat duty in the Black Sea with 17 ships, including surface and submarine carriers ‘Kalibr’ with a total volley of 12 missiles.

Natalia Humeniuk, the head of the Joint Press Center of the Operational Command ‘South’, said this on the air of the nationwide telethon ‘United News’ according to Ukrinform.

“The ship grouping is deployed quite strongly – 17 ships in the Black Sea and one ship is usually on duty in the Azov Sea. Two missile carriers continue to be on combat duty – one surface and one underwater. They can carry 12 Kalibr missiles in total, which means that after a long pause, the missile carriers were put on duty just after the ‘Shahed’ attack on one of the ports. The analysis shows that after a ‘Shahed’ attack, the enemy uses missile attacks based on the data obtained by analyzing the previous attack, i.e., detecting Air Defense systems and laying routes for missiles with maximum damage. Therefore, the Defense Forces are on the alert, we are aware of the danger and warn the population about it,” said Humeniuk.

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She urged citizens to be as prompt as possible in the event of air raid alarms and to go to shelter.

As reported, the day before, Russia kept one Kalibr cruise missile carrier on alert in the Black Sea with a total volley of up to four missiles.

Source: Russia keeps two missile carriers in Black Sea, volley of 12 'Kalibr' missiles

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