Blinken: Putin tries to twist history to justify war against Ukraine

Despite Putin’s attempts to distort the history of World War II to justify new aggression in Europe, it is Ukraine that now embodies the spirit of victory over the Nazis.

“As war again rages in Europe, we must increase our resolve to resist those who now seek to manipulate historical memory in order to advance their own ambitions,” reads the statement of U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on the 77th Anniversary of Victory in Europe Day.

He underscored that the Allied victory over the Nazis should be honored as an accomplishment of collective heroism and sacrifice.

“President Putin tries to twist history to attempt to justify his unprovoked and brutal war against Ukraine.  Those who study the past know President Zelenskyy and the brave people of Ukraine embody the spirit of those who prevailed during the Second World War,” Blinken stated.

The Ukrainians are valiantly defending their country, their democracy, and Ukraine’s rightful future in a Europe whole, free, and at peace, the U.S. Secretary of State noted.

“As we commemorate the end of World War II in Europe, we have a sacred duty to the fallen: to speak the truth about the past and to support all those in our own time who stand up for freedom.  The Transatlantic community we have built with our Allies and partners has been and remains essential to our progress toward a more secure, more just, and more prosperous future,” the U.S. top diplomat stressed.


Source: Blinken: Putin tries to twist history to justify war against Ukraine

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