Occupiers fired at ZNPP again, 10 “arrivals” were recorded.

The Russians once again shelled the territory of the nuclear plant.

“The epicenter of the fire is 3 kilometers from the NPP,” the author of the publication writes.

“Five more “arrivals” occurred in the area of ​​the fire station, which is located near the ZNPP. As a result of shelling at the station, it was not possible to carry out a “shift” in time. After all, for the sake of the safety of nuclear workers, the buses with the personnel of the next shift turned back to Enerhodar. Until the situation was finally resolved normalizes, the workers of the previous shift will continue their work,” Orlov stressed.

He said that the situation at the station is currently under control. The information, which was immediately spread in the hostile public, that the staff allegedly left the station in a panic, is fake and manipulative.

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