Information Warfare: russian fakes for April 30th 2022

Millions of Ukrainians are encountering russian propaganda every day. It spreads through TV, radio, mass media, social networks and by word of mouth. To defeat the enemy, we must fight it on all fronts. To this end, we have prepared a daily compilation of russian fakes.

Today, the russian information space is not as active, per usual, on weekends. Lavrov has traveled to China, the only major country to support the russian propaganda narratives. This journey has given Lavrov another opportunity to repeat the main propaganda messages.

russian propaganda celebrates a successful launch of a rocket to Earth orbit. It didn’t explode or hit the ground, so it is, indeed, a great success for russia.

The world is nearing a global food and fuel shortage, for which russian propaganda blames “the west”, although russia is the country who caused it by starting a war in Europe.

There are more pleas for Washington to “avoid using chemical weapons in Ukraine”. This means that russia is either getting closer to deploying chemical weapons in Ukraine, or trying to raise the stakes. Which would be weird, since putin has already threatened the world with nuclear weapons.

Main fake narratives:

  • Ukrainian soldiers are surrendering en masse
  • Ukraine is being controlled by the west
  • russians don’t commit war crimes, Ukrainians do
  • Ukrainian refugees are causing crime and spreading disease
  • Sanctions against russia are destroying Europe
  • The world is dominated by russophobia

FAKE: US and NATO have forced Ukraine to make a choice between russia and the west



russian propaganda is trying to sit on two chairs. On one hand, it demonizes Ukrainians and calls them Nazis. On the other it tries to persuade both russians and Ukrainians, whom they are killing every day, that the real enemy is NATO, and as soon as russia is victorious everything will be fine and everyone will be friends once again.

US and NATO did not force Ukrainians to make a choice. Ukrainians made their choice on their own, back in 2014. A choice to be a free and democratic society, to face the future and escape the stagnant swamp of russian imperialism. Ukrainians are out, but russians are trying to pull them back in.

FAKE: 93 brigade of AFU is refusing to fight



From the beginning of the war, russian propaganda is trying to break the spirit of Ukrainian people. To achieve this, russian are spreading hundreds of fakes, often through channels that are designed to look like pro-Ukrainian. Staged Interviews with POWs, “captured” documents and photos of soldiers that are supposedly dead, all to spread panic and defeatism through the soldiers families and friends.

This is one of those fakes. It was posted on the Telegram channel that disguises itself as an official channel of 93 brigades. The statement from the brigade identifies this channel as russian propaganda. The channel was spreading disinformation for weeks now, and all attempts to ban it has failed. The brigade calls for everyone to trust official sources only.

FAKE: Everything Lavrov is saying



This is going to be a lighting round.

“NATO thinks it’s in a war with russia” – no, they are not. They are also not conducting a “special NATO military operation”. NATO is helping a sovereign country defend itself.

“The war will end when the goals are achieved” – those goals change every day.

“Ukraine is inconsistent and is playing games instead of negotiation” – Ukraine is not capitulating to russian demands, and russia does not like it. 

“Russia never used mercenaries in Ukraine” – “Vagner” PMC are literally mercenaries. Also, russia is sending Syrians and Africans to fight in Donbass.

“US is a dictatorship” – US had five different presidents in the 22 years putin was in power.

“russia is not threatening the world with nuclear war” – putin threatened the world with nuclear war two days ago. Usually he does that at least once per year.

“Moldova should be worried about its future, since it is being dragged into NATO” – Moldova should be worried it’s not getting dragged into NATO fast enough.

“Most russian partners are buying gas in rubles” – no, they are not. Most European buyers are paying russia in euros. Whatever russia does with them after that point is up to russia.

Be advised: russia is waging a full-scale information war against Ukraine. There are multitudes of new fakes swarming through the mass-media every day. To protect you and your family, be sure to obtain and share your information only from official sources.

Official information channels:

· Office of the President of Ukraine

· General Staff of Ukrainian Armed Forces

· CinC AF of Ukraine 

· Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine 

· Ministry of Defense of Ukraine 

· Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

· Security Service of Ukraine

· Ministry of Internal Affairs

· National Police of Ukraine 

· State Emergency Service of Ukraine

· State Border Guard Service of Ukraine 

· Centre for Strategic Communication

· Centre for Desinformation Resistance

· State Special Communications Service of Ukraine 

· Ukrainian Ground Forces 

· Ukrainian Navy

· Territorial Defense Forces 

· National Bank of Ukraine

Information about transportation and infrastructure:

· Ministry of Infrastructure 

· Ukrainian Railways  

· Airspace of Ukraine 

· State Agency of Automobile Roads of Ukraine 

· Boryspil International Airport

· Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority

· Danylo Halytskyi International Airport Lviv

· State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety

Keep calm and trust only official sources. Ukraine will prevail!

The material was prepared by ZMiST. Please follow ZMiST on Twitter and Facebook.

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